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GGW "e" Vignettes                               VOL. XIV No. 6                             November 2007 

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In this issue:

•  Hildebrandt Hospice Center opens with Fleeting Moments  •  Farewell to Autumn, Holiday gift ideas

•  Doings, Credits and Kudos  •  Savoring Autumn  •  Artful Home and Critics Choice  •  Blessing Stories 

New Hildebrandt Hospice Center opens, living room designed to house
"Fleeting Moments"

"Fleeting Moments" comes out of storage

". . . the Nancy Gong glass art, which was worth designing the building's family room around. . ."  A. Thomas Hildebrandt
". . . the Nancy Gong glass art, which was worth designing the building's family room around. . ."  A. Thomas Hildebrandt

The Elizabeth G. and Jennifer J. Hildebrandt Hospice Center features “Fleeting Moments,” leaded glass originally designed for a state of the art Center which opened inside Genesee Hospital in 1999 with the same name. Sadly 2 years later the coveted center was forced to close when Genesee Hospital suddenly closed. Genesee Region Home Care, GRHC, now Lifetime Care vowed the center would one day be re-established. This time, over 6-1/2 years in the making, a free standing building more like a hotel for hospice care has been built from the ground up on the Unity Park Ridge Hospital Campus. At the opening dedication, A. Thomas Hildebrandt toured the facility and shared this: "I was most struck by the threads that tie this Center to the one that existed at the Genesee. Features that were so important to the original center that carryover here include: the Nancy Gong glass art, which was worth designing the building’s family room around. . ."

Thank you Tom for your kind words and comittment to once again include the art in the Center. It is very gratifying to know that "Fleeting Moments" is taking a role in helping to comfort visiting families. Editor

The artist's intention: To have the art welcome, sooth and comfort
"Fleeting Moments" greet visitors at the entrance of the new Hildebrandt Hospice Center.
"Fleeting Moments" greet visitors at the entrance of the new Hildebrandt Hospice Center.


In a conversation with Barbara Giehl, VP of Palliative Care Services for Lifetime Care, Barbara said “This is the piece that binds us to Genesee. The whole Center has a very peaceful overtone. The windows provide the soft comforting ambiance  . . . they can help reassure the visitors.” So many helped to make this project happen – the connections are strong. Special thanks to a passionate and compassionate group of funders: the Hildebrandt Family, the Davenport-Hatch Foundation, Burton and Charles August and the August Family Foundation and Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, also to the design and construction team: Lifetime Care, DeWolff Architects, LeChase Construction, Grace Rainaldi, Designer, Ridge Cabinet and Showcase and Carbone Enterprises who put their heart, souls and more into helping to make the re-installation of “Fleeting Moments” possible. "It is my hope that the art work will help to welcome, sooth and comfort the Center's visitors." Editor

Leaded art glass provides a peaceful setting and sets the tone while also serving as a visual screen.
Leaded art glass provides a peaceful setting and sets the tone while also serving as a visual screen.
Farewell to Autumn, ideas for the holiday gift giving season
"Promise" etched dichroic glass captures the energy and spirit of the Heritage Christian Services.
"Promise" etched dichroic glass captures the energy and spirit of the Heritage Christian Services.

As we bid farewell to Autumn, Winter creeps in with colorful fall foliage still clinging to the trees with snow on the ground. By now we've all had our holiday of thanks, a natural time to reflect on all sorts of things, mostly our blessings. Then as the calendar would have it, we turn to our special holidays. If you are looking for a special gift, there's still time to visit the studio for one of a kind small works of art, glass paintings for the wall, sculptures, art glass windows and possibly having a commissioned work of art created for you in time. Visit the studio's updated Small Works page on the web:  Scroll down the page to see the new Art Glass Trails and other small works. Or call me at the studio 585-288-5520 or e-mail to and we can set up a time to meet.

Savoring the last of Autumn days
Studio clowns Fedora and Oliver taking time outdoors, savoring the fragrance of autumn. Photo by Peter Fisk.
Studio clowns Fedora and Oliver taking time outdoors, savoring the fragrance of autumn. Photo by Peter Fisk.

Doings, Credits & Kudos. So many reasons for art.

Not just another gift of thanks, but a beautiful work of art.  A memento of the day. Sure to be put out for display.
Not just another gift of thanks, but a beautiful work of art.  A memento of the day. Sure to be put out for display.
Golisano Institute of Sustainability 
The world is ours. The season of thanks is in the air. Rochester Institute of Technology received a handsome start to a capital campaign for the new Golisano Institute of Sustainability. To thank the donor, a colorful, yet clean and simple globe design was created of carved, etched and painted glass. See photo above.
Tomatoes Reign 
LiDestri Foods is growing. "A Little of This and a Little of That,"(See GGW E Vingettes, September 2006 three large windows depicting a huge pot of tomatoes, onions, peppers and garlic brewing were moved to new offices adjacent to the Board Room. The artwork provides privacy and allows light to travel through the glass. A new panel of hand chipped and etched glass, "Tomatoes Reign" has been created for the conference room. Just a reminder, it's always a good idea to have the artist involved with the installation. Not everyone sees things the way artists do. What seemed like a simple move resulted in the panels being turned around and the design all mixed up! It can happen. Once I was on site for installation of the new art work, I noticed the altered design. John and Santi LiDestri quickly agreed that we needed to reposition the art work! LiDestri Foods had another special request. A large outdoor fountain was designed for the formal garden outside the front entry. Chlorinated water would splash onto the plantings making it difficult to grow plants. So I brought in red, orange, amber and yellow glass cullet - chunks of glass for use as a landscape material. It's colorful and it's a visual link to tomatoes. Inside, they also lined the bottom of an open stairway with the colorful transparent glass. It's all about tomatoes there. Every time I visit, it smells so good from the sauces they make, I have a sudden urge to have spaghetti for dinner! So intrigued by the cullet, I have a supply of cobalt blue cullet at the studio. If you are interested in utilizing this in your next project, you may contact me at
The Artful Home and 2007 Critics Choice

Nancy Gong's carved glass light wells in a Rochester home have been published by Lark Books in The Artful Home: Using Art & Craft to Create Living Spaces You'll Love by Toni Sikes, Founder of The Guild. As the publisher of The Guild Sourcebook of Architectural and Interior Art for over 23 years, the author has compiled an impressive array of art for interior and exterior enjoyment. All have endured the test of time. The book is written as a source of inspiration for living with art in the home. To learn more about this exciting book, click on The Artful Home:

To see an incredible source of commissionable art including Nancy Gong's art, check out the current issue of The Sourcebook of Architectural and Interior Art 22 by visiting: Look for my work in the Architecural Glass section.

The publisher will issue a limited number of complimentary copies to Gong Glass Works of the soon to be released (next year) Sourcebook of Architectural and Interior Art 23. If you are an architect or interior designer, are not currently receiving the Sourcebook and would like a complimentary copy of the 23rd edition, please contact me at while the allotment lasts.


BEST OF 2007: Critic's Choices, City Newspaper
Published on Nov 14, 2007, Tim Macaluso wrote:

"Best Bus Stops: ARTWalk bus shelters
The new bus shelters on University Avenue, completed late this summer, add another dimension to the urban vision called ARTWalk. Functional but aesthetic and engaging, the shelters are the work of local artists, designers, and architects led by Nancy Gong, Ed Stringham, and John and Laurie Grieco." Macaluso added "Recognition should also go ARTWalk's Doug Rice and Paul Kramer. The two have helped transform the University Avenue corridor into something that is not only a commercial success, but an urban housing and lifestyle success."

In my opinion, Doug Rice and Paul Kramer are two visionaries with incredible determination and stamina. Thank you Doug and Paul for all you have done for ARTWalk and our community.  Editor

By the way, Paul's wife owns Starry Nites Cafe I am not a big fan of chocolate and peanut butter. But, for my brother-in-law who loves the combo, I picked up some really good chocolate covered peanut butter balls for the holiday weekend!

If you haven't had a chance to see the shelter yet, you can see it by clicking:  Doug Rice's favorite time to visit the shelter is early in the morning while the sun is coming up and around. The sunlight and shadows interacting with the design is very ethereal.


Blessings Stories; sharing sentiments and blessings
Left: Joy, Right: Double Joy, Double Happiness
Left: Joy, Right: Double Joy, Double Happiness

Every now and then people send me their Blessing Stories. I love hearing about these personal stories. I am touched that the Blessings are being presented with so much personal meaning for so many of you. If you have a Blessing Story you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you. Send them to: Here are a few I'd like to share with you today.

My personal story is that my sister had a liver transplant. Her very good friend offered to be a live donor. This as you can imagine is not a casual gesture of friendship. I wanted to do something special for my sister's friend. I wanted to give her something to keep in addition to a personal note and my words in person. It had to be meaningful. What could I possibly come up with that could convey my appreciation for this gift of life and personal sacrifice. I think I've always been too busy to see, but I always thought the word "Angel" was a little too sweet for me. Now I think differently. I gave our donor friend, who I now consider my sister, the "Angel" Art Glass Blessing. My sister, family and I have all been blessed by a living angel. Our donor friend keeps the Blessing on her fireplace mantel with my card of thanks and appreciation. It reminds her every day of the beauty her gift of life has made. Editor

"My wife just began a new job and is very excited about the possibilities for her future career. I want to share in the excitement by surprising her with the Good Fortune; Fortunate Blessings Art Glass Blessing in her favorite amethyst color. Please ship it to my office." JS, Suffern, NY

The couple had adopted twins and wanted to present something to the two new grandmothers. They both wanted to give something that expressed what the babies had brought to their lives. The new parents thought how perfect it would be to present both grandmothers with "Double Joy; Double Happiness." Consultant at Craft Company No. 6.

"She was looking for a gift to celebrate the one year anniversary of the opening of an art gallery. The blessing "Prosperity; Abundance" was perfect! Since it was a piece of art and symbolized prosperity, it really reflected the intention of the giver." Kimmie Prinsen, Parkleigh

To see the full line of Art Glass Blessings, visit: 

You'll find the Art Glass Blessings at: 

Craft Company No. 6 *

785 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

585-473-3413 or 800-868-2327   M-F 10-9, Saturday & Sunday 10-6 Holiday Hours


The Gallery Store at the Memorial Art Gallery *

500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY  14607 

585-276-9010    Tuesday-Saturday 10-5, Thursday till 9, Sunday 11-5, Closed Monday


Parkleigh *

215 Park Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

585-244-4842 or 800-333-0627    M-F 10-9, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5


Artisans' Loft

4135 Mill Street, Pultneyville, NY   14538

315-589-5000   Thursday & Friday 1-3, Saturday & Sunday 1-4  Holiday Hours

Note: If you are calling ahead, they will not answer the phone if they are with a customer. 

* Gift boxes and shipping available


Send the studio a photo of where you display your Art Glass Blessing. If we use the photo for marketing, you

win an Art Glass Blessing of your choice. Send it to:


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