GGW "e" Vignettes                 Vol. XV, No. 1                  February 2008  
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So Life is Good With Your Love?!
Don't forget Valentine's Day. 
Midwinter grays turn to brilliant sprays of color!
Elys and Mariposa
Elys and Mariposa
One of a kind jubilant sculptures. Left: Elys (him) in blue meticulously etched and hand colored on beveled glass. Right: Mariposa (her) in hand chipped red on yellow flashed glass (layered colors). Each sculpture's glass head is intricately fitted to their own little animated bodies. For availability, contact or call 585-288-5520.
Chinese New Year, Year of the Rat

By February, the cold and calm of winter are really settling in. A vacation with sunshine is on most everyone's mind. The Chinese New Year begins February 7th, the first lunar month. It is always a great diversion celebrated by many Asians around the world. This year will be Year of the Rat. Traits of a rat and the rat year: the rat is charming, clever, diligent and imaginative. They are also family oriented, observant and thirfty with a strong sense of preservation. Everyone stops working and goes home to celebrate with family and friends for 15 days. Traditionally there is so much to do! It's the celebration of everybody's birthday. As a first generation American born Chinese, I enjoy reliving these traditions. We pay all our debts to get our house in order for the new year. We get our hair cut before the new year to start the year fresh, then don't mess with our head for a month. Buy new clothes. Clean our house. The kids get lucky red envelopes with money in them. I used to get a buck. My last red enevelope had 5 bucks in it. I wonder what the kids get these days?! Then we eat lots. All symbolic foods for strength, wealth and prosperity, good fortune, long life, food for our souls and more. We visit friends and relatives. We bring them oranges for good luck. They send us home with their oranges for good luck. That was always pretty funny to me as a child. We burn incense and shoot off firecrackers to turn the evil spirits away. All to be sure we don't carry over any bad luck from the previous year and that we have a good start for the new year. So let me share the joy by wishing you Gung Hai Fat Choy!

New Etched Crystal Hearts with a Splash of Color

Only available in the studio. These new etched 3" crystal hearts with a splash of color can be the perfect keepsake for someone special in your life this Valentine's Day. For more information, contact Nancy at the studio at

Art & Health
Left to right: Love • A Home, A Family • Happiness & Auspiciousness • Togetherness • Sweet; Sweetness • Double Joy; Double Happiness
Left to right: Love • A Home, A Family • Happiness & Auspiciousness • Togetherness • Sweet; Sweetness • Double Joy; Double Happiness

"The link between art and health has been explored for years. This expression can come in many different forms. Art is great for stress relief, inner reflection and can be a form of meditation. Integrating art in your life, along with healthy food, exercise, and abundant love, will help you feel grounded and whole. Art should be an essential part in everybody's life." Laura Chey-Warren, Licensed Acupuncturist,
Director of Balance Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Gong Glass Works is pleased to announce that the Art Glass Blessings are now available at Balance 152 West Commercial Street in East Rochester, NY. "Balance is is such a peaceful place with much to offer to mourish the body and soul. The Art Glass Blessings are a beautiful fit in their waiting area filled with teas, herbs and gifts." Editor

To see where else Art Glass Blessings are available, visit:

To see the full line of Blessing designs, visit: 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Artfully yours,



All glass designs and contents © Nancy Gong.

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