Gong Glass Works specializes in Architectural Art Glass; including the design and fabrication of leaded, etched, carved, mosaic, chipped and painted original glass artwork.

Chinese Blessings...
Art Glass Blessings are inspired by a Chinese tradition of hanging hollow brass calligraphy in one's home or business. It is a way of sharing a wish or "blessing" with occupants or visitors. The Blessing Scrolls are also inspired by my Chinese heritage and love for delicate silk embroideries.

Art Glass Blessings
They are made of freestanding 3”, 4”, or 5” diameter hand-cast glass with designs symbolic of original Chinese Blessings.To create a sense of timelessness the designs are each hand-cut and dimensionally sandcarved.
Choose from Emerald Green, French Lilac, Peridot,Bronze, Light Topaz, Indian Sapphire, Clear, Glacial Green Sapphire Blue, and Black Opal.
Photograph: Chris Maggio

Art Glass Blessings can be purchased at the following location:

Craft Company No.6
785 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607

For wholesale inquiries please contact Gong Glass Works.

For a Wedding gift, the Double Joy - Double Happiness Art Glass Blessing was presented to Alex and Alex. 
Both the bride and groom have the same name. 
Alex loves Alex.

A couple had adopted twins and wanted to present something to the two new Grandmothers. They both wanted to give something that expressed what the babies had brought to thier lives. 
The new parents thought how perfect it would be to present them both with the Blessing Double Joy - Double Happiness.

His wife just began a new job and was very excited about the possibilities for her future career. He wanted to share in the excitement by surprising her with the Good Fortune - Fortunate Blessings design in her favorite amethyst color.

A Home - A Family was presented to celebrate the union of two families and their new life together.

Her sister has just had an organ transplant. It was the gift 
of life from the sister’s friend. How could one possibly thank someone for such a selfless act. She had never really thought much of the term “Angel”. It was a little too sweet, but 
after this experience, she saw the Art Glass Blessing for Angel in a very special light. It was the perfect way for her to express to her sister’s friend, her gratitude and what she thought of her.

"I ordered Double Joy - Double Happiness Art Glass Blessing as an anniversary gift for my parents and I'm very pleased to say that not only was it shipped as promised, my mother (who is notoriously snobby when it comes to art gifts) absolutely loved it. Nancy, you managed to put me ahead in favor points between my sister and I!"