Gong Glass Works specializes in Architectural Art Glass; including the design and fabrication of leaded, etched, carved, mosaic, chipped and painted original glass artwork.

“We are forever searching for people in the world of design. . . (who) believe in quality, integrity, and service. . . (They become) an arm of the service and follow through. It creates a climate of trust. Nancy Gong encompasses all of these things. Honesty, integrity, and willingness to achieve the best for her clientele are assets we admire. We could not be more pleased to have Nancy involved with the architectural products we represent. We all need more Nancy Gongs everywhere.”

Liz and Wolf Majer,
Regional Representatives
for UltraGlas, Inc.

" . . . your new glass “wall” (The Great Wall of China, etched and carved glass). It’s a stunning piece and a tribute to your talent “

Nancy Esmay + Ellen Brown, Previous owners of the Shoestring Gallery

“I consider Nancy to be strongly a part of the American Studio Glass movement of the late 1960’s onward, when glassblowing and glass fabrication were re-established as a dynamic American art form... Nancy’s artwork provides first, last and lasting (overwhelmingly positive) impressions for visitors. It seems to me that Nancy’s art glass provides a strong alternative or supplement to sign or of placement, and one presented in an indirect but effective way.”
“We can even partially credit Nancy’s work for one stellar addition to our staff–the candidate’s opinion of the office was clinched when she saw Nancy’s art glass installed over the reception desk. She said the minute she walked in the door she knew she was “home.”

Daniel E. Mossien. RA, NCARB, Mossien Associates
Architects, P.C., Rochester, NY

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