Gong Glass Works specializes in Architectural Art Glass; including the design and fabrication of leaded, etched, carved, mosaic, chipped and painted original glass artwork.

Fine Art Glass...
Glass paintings, or painting on glass brings a facinating dimension to two dimensional art. Etched glass is hand-colored in such a way that subtle shadows are seen through the thickness of the glass. Illuminated with artificial light, the shadows and reflections are dynamic!




Reverie engages the viewer with nature to foster emotional experiences. Organic forms, natural colors, movement and multi-layered interpretation encourage the thought of inner visions with each viewer. This is achieved through spontaneous layering of gestural painting, frit laying processes and flame-worked vitrigraphs for dimension and intrigue.
Glass Artwork is 12 x 12"
Photograph: Tim Wilkes


Let It Flow

Let It Flow is from the Elements Series about the energy and spirit of nature. The intention is to capture a poetic interpretation of the many layers of movement that are found in nature, such elements like water or air.  The utilization of vitreous paint, painting with glass frit and vitrigraphs, which are then fused together allow me to create a sense of depth and intrigue. These pieces can be rearranged, rotated top to bottom, displayed horizontally or vertically, individually or in groupings to provoke a sense of playful spontaneity and gestural movements intended to take the viewer to their own special place of reflection with something new to see every time
Photographs: Chris Maggio





War Bride
What started as an invitation to participate in "Art Reflected 1913-2013,” a centennial exhibition at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY turned into a personal historical journey. The objective of the exhibition for forty regional artists was to create new art inspired by a selection of art in the gallery’s permanent collection. It was part of a fundraiser for the gallery’s Centennial Celebration.
Drawn to a story about Native American women’s experiences, I chose the contemporary work of Juane Quick-To-See Smith’s "Famous Names."
Through a new (to the US) laminating process originated in Germany, combined old and new techniques weaving six layered surfaces of painted and etched photographic images and textures.

As a first generation American born Chinese, I traced the history of the 1880 Chinese Exclusion Act, its quotas and its repeals up through a recent apology in 2011 from the U.S. Congress for the discriminatory immigration law aimed at a specific ethnic and working group. War Bride, was inspired by my mother. It is an interactive design that comes alive with light as the viewer moves around. The design celebrates the strength, courage, forward thinking and experiences of a modern woman from 1925 through the 80’s by tracing a War Bride’s life.
Searches of ship manifests, consulate records, service records, in depth conversations with my father, a new connection to an uncle never met, photos from my sister’s travels, weeks of internet research blended with the my own personal connection to our culture helped piece together facets of a War Bride’s life. I collected many stories along the way to generate a vivid picture of her experiences. There were so many detailed questions. My curiosity was like that of a child.The art unveils mysterious colors and multiple layers of images carefully sorted out to capture a sense of time. Meanwhile, informing aspects of the bride’s life in the east, a young armed forces member and his war bride being carried in a sedan chair to the groom’s village, a wedding in a small village, life in the villages,
rice fields and the progression of the journey to the Golden Mountain - the “US” are revealed. I hope the art will help bring an awareness of the War Bride’s time in history as the beginning of a greater presence and beginning of Chinese and other Asian families and their experiences to people of all walks of life and of multiple generations.
Photographs: Nancy Gong, Gallery Photograph: Chris Maggio

".. . It (Ginkgo-Sass, etched and painted glass art) is more beautiful than I imagined and embodies our philosophy perfectly. I am so grateful that I will get to enjoy it every day I come to the office!”

Diane Ahlman, Artemis Health, Rochester, NY