Gong Glass Works specializes in Architectural Art Glass; including the design and fabrication of leaded, etched, carved, mosaic, chipped and painted original glass artwork.

Contemporary fine art glass mosaics come to life through their ever glistening response to reflective light. Handmade Venetian smalti, (hot molten glass poured onto a steel table, then cut into tiny pieces) is cut by hand with a hammer and hardie for dimensional detail. Created in a pixel like format inch by inch, these no grout mosaics are fit tightly to capture the light and intended to be viewed from a distance.

Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired / Goodwill

Designed for sighted and low vision visitors and staff, a bold donor wall designed with UltraGlas features the organization's brand. The smalti mosaic warms and adds a welcoming feeling.
Photographs: Chris Maggio
, Bottom Close-ups: Nancy Gong

Hillside Journey
Hillside Children's Center,

Main Campus, Rochester, NY
Eastman Hall Mosaics and etched glass beautify, formalize and call attention to a primary community building on campus. Scenes of Pinnacle Hill where Hillside Children's Center is perched and Cobbs Hill, a park across the way; draw a parallel to a child's journey. Views of both hills are symbolic of children looking inwards and outwards to the future. Embracing rolling hills dotted with wild flowers lead to dark and stormy skies that give way to fair weather clouds.
Warmth of the sun gives strength and the waters from Lake Riley Fountains at Cobbs Hill Park calm the soul all while the change of seasons take place. Glistening in the daylight, bright happy colors in all weather conditions make this a happy building all year round.
Photography: Chris Maggio

Tibetan Prayer Flags
23 1/2”w x 15 1/2”h
As the journey moves forward, “Tibetan Prayer Flags” reveal themselves blowing in the wind.
Handmade Venetian smalti, reveals a shimmering face or top surface of the tessarae. The subtle appearance is brilliant. Interior or exterior mosaics will last for centuries as they have at the Basilica at St. Mark's and the Vatican.
Designed and created at Orsoni’s Bottega Veneziana, Italy in January, 2010.
Photograph: Nancy Gong

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