Gong Glass Works specializes in Architectural Art Glass; including the design and fabrication of leaded, etched, carved, mosaic, chipped and painted original glass artwork.

Public Art Naming Walls...
Nancy Gong's public art naming wall projects are designed to provide a sense of place and identity with spirit. The glass art work is designed and engineered to be visible from a distance, in scale with its settings, require minimal maintenance and endure the elements with great longevity.

Nancy Gong has created public art for ARTWalk that is strikingly beautiful and intricate yet also speaks to and expresses the historic, unified and sophistication within the neighborhood of the Arts. Working with Nancy is uncomplicated because she understands not only the nuances required for a rich artistic sensibility but she is deeply informed and embraces the distinct and eclectic environment that makes up a particular community. Nancy creates with an imagination that is bold and instinctive; and of the highest artistic quality and standards."

Thomas Warfield, president
ARTWalk Board of Trustees

“St. Ann’s houses four signature pieces of Gong glass art that achieve a terrific balance between functionality and beauty. We keep returning to Nancy for signs and donor recognition walls because she has a great gift for listening and responding with creativity and fresh new ideas. Her designs have proven to be highly effective for donor
recognition and always attractive. Not a week goes by that I do not hear at least one visitor comment on one of these works of art.”

Steven S. Smith, CFRE, VPĀ 
St. Ann’s Foundation & Resource Developmen