Gong Glass Works specializes in Architectural Art Glass; including the design and fabrication of leaded, etched, carved, mosaic, chipped and painted original glass artwork.

Tibet ~ Boynton Residence
Helping to keep a memory alive, this colorful design captures a tiny bit of a rich cultural experience the clients had while visiting Tibet and Bhutan. Adding interest to the gray skies of winter at home, prayer flags flap in the Himalayan winds while providing a personal connection to the homeowners. The design is a peaceful, meditative focus visible from an open floor plan.
Photography: Nancy Gong

Fresh Air ~ Norry Residence
Elements from nature, unique to both the Bahamas and Colorado
come together to portray the feeling of outdoor leisure time for a
family’s special retreats. A sense of privacy is retained while
daylight brightens this entryway.
Photography: Chris Maggio

"Your work completely transformed my home's entry. Light-wise, functionally, feel, attitude, modernity, you name it!"

Lewis Norry, New York

Lyrical Illusions ~ Private Residence
Lyrical Illusions, the soul of this home sings. A series of 33 leaded glass windows designed in harmony with this Frank Lloyd Wright,
California modern home nestled in the woods.

Photography: Tim Wilkes

" Nancy, you have far exceeded my expectations, ‘I love it’ again and again, a great crescendo for the artist.” “There is always a sense of apprehension when you embark on a venture of this nature especially when you are working with someone new, (someone you have not worked with before) but Nancy quickly dispelled any fears we may have had with her level of professionalism, and especially her ability to relate to her customers’ visions. We were won over from the get go and never looked back, and now delight in Nancy’s stunning artistic glass creation every day.”

DCM, Westchester County, NY.

Click here to read more about Lyrical Illusions.

Dateline Vivita ~ Private Residence

Vibrant colors, movement and bold forms interact with each other, symbolizing “the fullness of life” in these eight leaded glass panels. Embracing a classic mahogany door, the art glass sets the tone for a warm and welcoming home all year-round.

Red Tango
The spirited homeowner is an aspiring Tango dancer. This Redbud tree with a heart shaped leaf design is sentimental to her. Delicately etched, vibrant shades of purple, red, aurora and pink glass are surrounded by colorless translucent texture glass portraying various moods of nature.

The hallway leading to the lower level “honeymoon garden condo” has east facing windows.Daylight from the living room illuminates the hallway entrance through this leaded glass door. The artwork also diffuses the view between the two rooms. Coral, a favorite color, combined with amethyst, olive-amber and orangy red glass along with textured clear make a fresh color palette that compliments the ochre colored walls.

Photography: Chris Maggio

“Nancy, thank you for the absolutely beautiful window that you created for us! We love it so much! . . . its mood changes with the different light conditions. On bright sunny days the window is alive with vibrancy. On darker, rainly days, it becomes mysterious and spiritual. At night, it’s a beautiful beacon of light. You should see how the boats slow down to look at the window! Everyone who has seen your window gasps at its beauty! It takes their breath away!

H &TD, Keuka Lake, NY

“Artists like Nancy help designers with their work. They help to solve problems. The art glows, and what emerges is far more interesting with special meaning than furnishings, finishes and lighting.”

Beverly Hafner, ASID
Hafner Associates

Details ~ Private Residence
Photography: Chris Maggio

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