Gong Glass Works specializes in Architectural Art Glass; including the design and fabrication of leaded, etched, carved, mosaic, chipped and painted original glass artwork.

On occasion, non-commissionable, one of a kind Vitreograph monoprints are available. Vitreographs are hand pulled prints from glass plates that have been etched and hand painted.

Photography: Nancy Gong

"I have tried to figure out why I loved your vitreographs so much. I figured that it might be because they were an unexpected ascetic beauty that seems to be an almost subconscious and dreamlike piece of pure artistic creativity. . . .
I respect and admire your artistic vision and just how much you have continued to blossom. I hope this year brings you more creative expansion. Your art brings joy and emotion that helps to nurture a positive radiance within souls.
I wanted to share these thoughts with you while they were at the forefront of my mind. These are the thoughts I feel when contemplating your artwork. I just wanted you to know how special a meaning they have to me as well as what I interpret from them. Sometimes it takes me a while to articulate articulating . . . the emotive elements of artistic observation to coherent expression that says a bit more than just I love it."

Robert Casey