Commissioning Original Glass Artwork

Commissioning Original Glass Artwork

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Designed with heart and soul, one or two custom features of architectural art glass, stained glass art, fine art glass or, a glass artwork installation of high-quality design and materials is all you need to make your building or interior special.

You are different. You are special. Your interior should be special too.

Commissioned glass artwork enables you to tell your story and draw attention to an area with glass artwork that has meaning, color and design content that makes an emotional human connection to you and your space. Glass artwork can also solve a vision issue with beauty by diffusing or obscuring a view, reducing intense sunlight or retaining the daylight with an aesthetically and functionally appropriate glass for the project.

Think about how glass artwork can make the experience in your space, home, office, or institution an amazing, more joyful experience that is uniquely your own.

What You Need To Consider When Commissioning Glass Artwork:

Placement of Glass Artwork
Consider a location that has high visibility, that can be easily seen. Fine art glass or art glass décor for a home.

A glass sculpture, architectural art glass or commercial art glass for your business, hospitality, or institution. Think about a welcoming space, point of arrival or where you and your guests spend the most time.

Design of Glass Artwork
Dare to harness the soul to your special place. Make it powerful. Make it calming. Fill it with joy. Tell your story. Make it colorful, feel the color. Make it neutral, feel the clearing. Give your building or space an identity with an amazing experience.

Create a sense of place that is your own with original glass artwork with the choice of fused and kilnformed glass, glass painting, etched glass, and carved glass. Tell your personalized story with a beautiful, original glass design of fine art glass, hand chipped glass with contemporary original glass artwork. Make it an extraordinary experience.

Solve a functional or psychological problem using fine art glass or architectural art glass.
Control visibility with transparency, diffusion, or obscure the view with fused and kilnformed glass, or etched glass. Bring in the daylight for emotional wellbeing with contemporary fine art glass or a glass art installation.

Diffuse or screen the intensity of daylight if desired using working with a commission artist. Create separate spaces within a single environment, separate and connect if you prefer.

How To Get The Best Results When Commissioning Glass Artwork

Connect with an artist whose work gets you excited and makes you feel good. Become familiar with the artist’s techniques and design aesthetics bearing in mind that for many commission artists, not all projects are the same. This will assure we are a good match. After all, these are commissioned works that evolve with your input

Be prepared to share the details of any functional requirements to help me meet art glass performance and design needs. Share your preference for any particular artistic techniques, not all are shown on the website. This will help me meet your experiential vision. Be willing to have an open conversation about your aesthetics and everything else with the artist to assure we have your soul in the design – the heart of your story and design.

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The Cost & The Value of Glass Artwork

My preferred approach as a glass designer is to first meet your design and functional objectives. From there, I will make suggestions of how to best meet your vision by way of materials, artistic processes and design, this determines the budget.

Once I receive firm direction from you a Proposal will be provided outlining the details. If we need to take a different approach to address the budget, we can

As a professional commission artist, my focus is to work with you to design and develop high-quality extraordinary original glass design that adds to the experience of your space in a positive, meaningful way. The first step: Let’s talk, contact the studio, today.