The Art of Nonprofit Donor Recognition

The Art of Nonprofit Donor Recognition

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Nancy Gong Donor Recognition Wall

Glass Artwork leads by example while building brand awareness beyond the logo.

Members of your Donor Relations Program do the relationship building between the nonprofit and the donors. These stewards find a way to tell the story of the organization’s vital work that is meaningful to the donor. In time, with a solid personal connection, first and foremost, people, businesses, and foundations donate to nonprofit organizations because they support the organization’s mission and they like what is being done.

There’s a lot of behind the scenes work in determining donor characteristics in frequency, value etc. These donor characteristics determine the type of Donor Recognition and Thanks that follow.

Everyone wants to be appreciated for their actions. For board members, project or event-based leader recognition and thanks, a gift of glass artwork designed to embrace the energy and mission of the organization through the use of color or design remind the donor of you in a tangible way. 

UnitedWay 2020 Tocqueville
United Way 2020 Tocqueville Award
Nancy Gong RIT Lifetime Achievement Award
RIT Lifetime Achievement Award

Choose glass artwork because it is permanent like your organization. Choose glass artwork that is unique and full of life like your donors, when the light shines on it. Choose from a myriad of glass types and design that is as special as your donors. Say something with your nonprofit thank you gift. Make it stand out as a sincere gift with more than casual thought. These can be personalized in a way that does not take away from the artwork. The artwork can be designed for different categories. 

These volunteers and donors have probably done so much good elsewhere in the community that they have a ton of logo thank you gifts. Make your nonprofit organization’s gift a recognizable “keeper” that will become a treasured conversation piece. You are building your brand and your story with the artwork at the same time. You want it displayed in a prominent place for a long time!

For large campaigns such as endowments or capital campaigns, a donor recognition wall can show by example, the community’s commitment to the organization and its mission. There is often more space to tell your story.  Locate the art glass donor wall in a prominent location for all to see and enjoy. Make it a destination in your facility. 

Displaying a list of permanent or perpetual donors can generate pride for the donors and curiosity for others. It also serves as an example of the potential and fellow donors. While some donors prefer to remain anonymous, that’s ok, anonymous can still have the same effect. The use of color, design, photographic etching and artistic interpretations of the logo builds on the brand awareness and the community. 

These campaigns can also utilize the design of the artistic wall or artwork in marketing and solicitation materials to attract donors while fundraising. Leave them near the donor wall, so instead of walking by and saying “ oh, how nice, how do we get our name on there?” that they have information in hand!

An event that honors and recognizes your donors makes your donors feel appreciated often among their peers, friends, and family. Make it brief, make it meaningful, but for sure, don’t miss out on this opportunity to once again tell your story and how grateful you are for your donors and volunteers.

The Nancy Gong Glass Works studio offers interior and exterior options for glass artwork as well as a wide range of types of glass and artistic processes from which Your donor recognition wall and artwork can be designed. Contact the studio to maximize the benefits of integrating glass artwork into your Donor Recognition Program. Let’s talk!

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