Life as a Chameleon

Life as a Chameleon

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I just realized that my life’s work as an artist is like a Chameleon and I love it!
Like a chameleon’s color changes each work of art I’ve made has a different color, texture, purpose or story.

Chameleons have chromatophores in their skin giving them the ability to change their skin color quickly. They do this to control their body temperature or to communicate with other chameleons.

For me, as an artist, my work’s color and appearance change by what feeds the heart, mind, and soul for my commissioned art, which means literal input from clients in harmony with visual and subliminal findings in my design research.

My designs change color, appearance, and style for each work of art I create to control heat and temperature in a way that is different from chameleons. It is for an emotional response to the story and the art itself.

I find that being like a chameleon exciting. There are so many stories to learn about and to bring to life. Let’s talk about your story!

Just for Fun

My architectural commissions can take months or even years. The satisfaction is in each little accumulative step, but it often takes a long time to “see” the glimmering artwork. So I try to carve out a little time to make work that is more spontaneous with quicker results.

I’ve been thinking about bow ties since before the pandemic. Then the pandemic came and I thought who has any place to go to wear a bow tie! A couple of years gave me time to focus on commission and let the idea percolate in the back of my mind.

At last, I am pleased to introduce Art Glass Bow Ties to the Gong Spirit Wear line. These are so much fun to make and I am certain they will be even more fun to wear. We’ve put them on men’s shirts, and women’s tops that have two sides to clip to. With more events and Father’s Day coming up it’s perfect timing to pick out or order your bow tie.