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Designing with Decorative Art Glass for Beauty and Function

Nancy Gong Architectural Art Glass Paradise
There are many purposes for glass art décor. It can be used for functional purposes, such as windows and skylights, or for aesthetic purposes, such as sculptures and stained glass. Glass can also be used to create a feeling of openness and space in a room. Decorative art glass embellishes a space with beauty, pattern, […]

Life as a Chameleon

I just realized that my life’s work as an artist is like a Chameleon and I love it! Like a chameleon’s color changes each work of art I’ve made has a different color, texture, purpose or story. Chameleons have chromatophores in their skin giving them the ability to change their skin color quickly. They do […]

How to Insure Your Glass Artwork?

Nancy Gong Art Glass "Genesee River Watershed"
So you’ve commissioned beautiful stained glass or architectural art glass for your home, office, institution or community. You are enjoying living and working with it, and so is everyone else. Life is good. Unfortunately, accidents are a part of life.  If an accident happens, how do you know if your glass artwork is properly insured? […]

The Art of Nonprofit Donor Recognition

Nancy Gong Donor Recognition Wall
Glass Artwork leads by example while building brand awareness beyond the logo. Members of your Donor Relations Program do the relationship building between the nonprofit and the donors. These stewards find a way to tell the story of the organization’s vital work that is meaningful to the donor. In time, with a solid personal connection, […]

Designing with Decorative Art Glass for Home, Office, or Commercial Spaces.

The use of interior or exterior architectural art glass is a decorative art form. Art glass embellishes a space with beauty, pattern, texture, emotion, and even an image or picture. Its use contributes to how we feel and function in an environment. Decorative art transforms a space by creating a perception of a space. Beauty […]

Gong Glass Works Spirit Wear

Gong Glass Works Spirit Wear
Planned well before being derailed by the Covid-19 epidemic, Gong Spirit Wear has been on my mind for some time now. Finally, it moved into action in February with plans to introduce headwear with my glass designs at a Pop-Up show that was to be in mid-April. So, the launch moved to Facebook and other social media!

Always Expanding Horizons

Sometimes the exploration comes as part of the commission, other times it’s a chance to devote boundless energy to new designs that are often smaller freestanding panels and sculptures, wall pieces or other gift items.