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Art Glass Blessings

Art Glass Blessings are inspired by a Chinese tradition of hanging hollow brass calligraphy in one’s home or business. It is a way of sharing a wish or “blessing” with occupants or visitors. The Blessing Scrolls are also inspired by my Chinese heritage and love for delicate silk embroideries.

They are made of freestanding 3”, 4”, or 5” diameter hand-cast glass with designs symbolic of original Chinese Blessings.To create a sense of timelessness the designs are each hand-cut and dimensionally sandcarved.

Choose a favorite color and an appropriate Blessing for a meaningful gift or award for yourself or someone special. Colors: Choose from Emerald Green, French Lilac, Peridot,Bronze, Light Topaz, Indian Sapphire, Clear, Glacial Green Sapphire Blue, and Black Opal.

Collections Chinese Blessing Nancy Gong

The Character Series

The Character Series are three-dimensional glass lead and steel sculptures for indoor enjoyment. The Character Series began when I observed how exciting details within my architectural designs can be.

I began seeing these shapes as animated forms on their own, so I brought their spirit to life in freestanding three dimensional personalities including a head, neck and body. 

Glass Sculpture Lily Nancy Gong
Character Series Leika Nancy Gong

Fused & Kilnformed Conceptual Art

Fused & Kilnformed Conceptual Works of Art are more about capturing a feeling rather than any specific imagery.

Placed in a stand, these panels can be displayed on a fireplace mantel, desk, table or counter surface. The artwork is also available without the stand for other methods of display.

The Galaxy Series

The Galaxy Series are custom glass sculptures designed for interior enjoyment or as outdoor landscape features. There is no size limit for this series, and all are one of a kind.

These modern glass designs are informed by modernism and inspired by the natural world. As fused glass sculptures, they can be used for interior or exterior display. 

Galaxy Series Little Galaxy Nancy Gong
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